We proudly fulfil the highest requirements of sterility and desinfection. We use high performance computerised autoclaves for  and sterilization.
The automatic programs, the high pressure steam and the high-temperature take care to kill all germs.
Handpieces are no exception: by sterilizing them between patients we realize the state-of-the standards.
No high-tech autoclave does the job perfectly unless constantly tested: we keep account of this.
The high-tech aplliances run short programs in complete silence thus allowing the staff to use the sterile instruments again after only 20 minutes.

Hygiene Plan for H&H Dental

The H&H Dental clinic uses the state-of-the-art products, appliances and methods for disinfection, cleaning and sterilization according to the most up-to-date standards.

The H&H Dental sterilization protocol


Dentistry instruments

used for examination and treatment:

Mirrors, retractors, forceps, probes, impression trays etc.

Surgical instruments:

Heat-stable OP material

By chemical solutions Specific disinfectant Immediately after treatment The person responsible for sterilization
Sterilization Autoclave dental assistant
Thermal disinfection: remove wire trays with instruments from disposal container
(do not unpack instruments)
Thermal disinfection dental assistant

Rotary instruments:

Burs, fraser and polishing rubbers

Disinfection in three phases:-chemical solution-ultrasonic cleaning


Immediately after treatment dental assistant

Handpieces, ultrasonic scalers
Desinfectant spray, Sterilization!!! Immediately after treatment;At a daily rate. dental assistant

Floors, surgeries, waiting rooms
Clean and disinfect using scrub-and-wash
process, fully wet surfaces
Daily, after finishing work Cleaning personnel

Main dental units, trolleys, work surfaces
Spray disinfection, wipe-and-wash In the working zone each morning and after every treatment Dental assistant

Objects and surfaces which cannot be thermally
Spray disinfection, wipe-and-wash -At the start and at the end of working day-After treatments, if necessary Dental assistant


-Soiled side

-Clean side

Rub dry hands with 3 ml disinfectant for 30 sec., wash hands if contaminated, dry;Care for hands regularly Hand disinfectant Before work, after toilet-After contamination, before breaks-After end of work, before work, after breaks Dentist, Dental assistant

Suction unit
1. Drain through with a mixture of air and water

Hygosuc system, Dürr
After every treatment, especially if blood was present Dental assistant
2. Disinfection, cleaning: slowly exhaust a mixture of air and a desinfectant solution

Hygosuc system, Dürr
At the end of work or whenever necessary Dental assistant
3. Filter change: without touching the contaminated parts of the filter,
using disposable gloves
Weekly or whenever necessary Dental assistant

Air conditioner
As described in the manual As described in the manual If necessary Maintenance personnel

Emptying into the safe-containers Plastic containers with safety lids If necessary Dental assistant

Protecting the patients and personnel from cross-infections by:


  • cups, towels, napkins, headrest
  • protectors, suction – tubes
  • examination gloves, protection glasses, face-masks

To protect our environment from infection and pollution, we exclusively use dental units equipped with an amalgam separator. All dangerous, infected waste is collected, stored and transported to the place of annihilation in separate, safe and unbreakable containers.

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