Crossbite Combined With Edge-To-Edge Bite and Teeth Grinding
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  1. Unni Lokken says:

    Nice job you did with me and I must tell all the world he is the best dentist I have met and he is a good honest man! He returned to me my two old gold crowns he had removed from my teeth, something Norwegian dentists won’t do because the patients never ask for it since this goes to metallurgic industry in my country: AS Nogusra and AS Dental depot. Zsombor Horváth, you are a good and honest man!

  2. Dan says:

    I would like to thank Dr Horváth for the excellent dental job he performed. Your work have been of a high caliber performance along with an extreme professionalism and care during and after the treatment. My queries were prompted replied thoroughly at any time via email. The results were as expected at a very affordable price.

    Thanks again for everything you have done in order for me to get a brighter and whiter smile.

  3. Eva Castillo says:

    Thank you so much Dr Hovárth for a great job. I am delighted with the results. Thanks for all the attention, emails, care, efficiency and professionalism you have demonstrated during and after the treatment. Unbelievable work! So happy! I wish I could have dentists like you here in London. I would not hesitate to recommend you to everyone. And the best thing of all is the price! Much, much cheaper than in London! Thank so much for everything.

    Kind regards,

    Eva Castillo

  4. Leif Bjørkli says:

    Jeg var der høsten 2011, og det var en av de flinkeste tannlegene jeg har vært hos noen gang. Jeg var veldig skeptisk i begynnelsen men fant fort ut at det var det ingen grunn til å være. Her jobbet de raskt og effektivt og det var bare en glede å betale for denne behandlingen. Bedre behandling enn det jeg fikk der skal man lete lenge etter, Dr Zsombor vet virkelig hva kundebehandling er. Jeg vil på det sterkeste anbefale Dr Zsombor til alle som trenger tannbehandling.

  5. Bob says:


    I have just returned home to England after having had major dental work with H&H, this dental work consisted of 32 crowns, some root canal treatment and also five fillings, rather a drastic makeover to not understate the issue! The end result is absolute perfection, I am more than delighted.

    I initially visited some dentists in Budapest back in February for estimates, however I found the system commercialised and slightly uncaring, also the Budapest prices although lower than the UK were still not as low as I was hoping. On my return to England being slightly disappointed with this I Googled for other dentists in Hungary and approached H&H through there web site. All my emails were answered promptly, with even assistance offered about suitable accommodation in and around the city.

    My treatment was as near to painless as one could possibly hope for and was carried out using state of the art dental equipment with the dental materials being of the highest possible quality, these I understand being sourced from Switzerland and Germany. As I have mentioned already my new teeth are something of which I am now extremely proud, an amazing transformation, I only wish that I had found H&H many years ago.

    And the final price? Approximately 70% less than a private dentist would charge in the UK. A bargain.

    H&H dental are honest, caring and friendly and most importantly can be trusted to provide nothing less than the best. If you require dental treatment and you are prepared to just make the effort to visit H&H you will not be disappointed..

    Dr Zsombor and his team are a credit to the dental profession. Superb!


  6. Margreet van Aken says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Horvath,

    From my friend: Imola de Jong-Kovacs I heard You are a very good dentist. This summer I will like to come to You for a treatment for Enamel reconstruction.
    Please can You sent me a price-list. You may sent it in Hungarian, Imola will translate it for me.
    With kind regards,

    Margreet van Aken, Holland

  7. Lisa says:

    Would like to receive a current price list. Your facilities sound wonderful.

  8. Joe Derrick says:

    Nice page! Too bad you’re a little far from here – I just might have dropped in personally…